About Us

The Dearborn Heights Raiders Junior Football is a non-profit organization. We were founded in the early 1960’s when a group of men got together and started a organization whose sole aim was to create an atmosphere conducive to the development of mind and character based upon the principles of involvement, dedication, integrity, and love.

Our main goal is to educate and enrich the youth of our community, to teach and guide young minds in a world with endless choices. Football teaches you that hard work, perseverance and teamwork can accomplish great things. It also teaches you that overcoming adversity helps define you and molds your character.

Our main objective is the positive growth of the youth of our community. All of the coaches and board members from both our football and cheerleading programs volunteer their time and resources to ensuring a progressive growth of the organization. With the support of our generous community sponsors, we are able to maintain state of the art equipment and safety gear for all of our junior athletes.