Important Information

The Raiders Board elections will be held Thursday  Oct 19,  2017

                              from 7:30-9pm at the Canfield center.

Any eligible member in good standing may run for a board seat if nominated and accept the nomination.

Each Raider Family is entitled to one ballot and one vote. Any Family member over 18 years old may attend the meeting and cast the vote on behalf of the family. All coaches and Raiders personnel that are eligible to vote are entitled to one vote and one ballot . We encourage all the Raiders families and  personnel to attend and exercise your right to vote.

(Free to all that join: Cheerlears NEEDED all AGES)
Just a couple reminders:
1. Please remember to check your email daily for any changes in the schedule or practice locations.  We ask that all of you remain close to the field if you know the weather could suddenly change for the worse.  In the event of lightning, we do take the kids into the shed for safety.  We DO practice in the rain unless it is a torrential downpour. 
 Safety is our #1 concern.
2. Please remember to email us or contact your coach if you are not going to be at practice or at a game. We have had several cases this week were kids are absent without notifying the coaches or a member of the board.
3. For your child’s safety we ask that no child is left to walk to or from practice without being accompanied by an adult.  If you are having transportation problems please email us and we will try to help you.
 4.  Have your child to practice on time, dressed and ready to begin.  Showing up late causes a disruption for the entire team and coaching staff.
 5.  And lastly, remind your child to have respect for the coaching staff.  It only takes one child not listening to the coach to disrupt the entire team. You should also remind them to have respect for their teammates as well.  We have a no bullying policy!
Volunteer time:
All parents/guardians  participating in our program are required to provide two-games worth of Parent Service Time per child during our four home dates.  Inside the shed door will be a listing of each volunteer position need at our 4 home games.  Please make sure you sign up by next Friday 8/25.  If you have not turned in your volunteer check of $100, you must do so by next Friday as well.
Practice Jerseys:
For those interested we are still selling practice jerseys (the old game jerseys) as well as the pants for $30 in the shed.
We are working on getting the game schedule to you  within the next weeks.
As always, if you have any questions or concerns let a coach or board member know.
It is important that you send the boys to practice with water daily.  We do not condone sharing water bottles.
Additional items you will need to purchase:
1. Mouth Guard – If your player wears braces the Orthodontist should be able to provide you with a special one
2. Cup
3. Girdle
4. Spikes